Here We Find Ourselves

Lord here I am,

The weakest weekend warrior in the area.
False in my assuming and impotent in my trying.
I am here to be yours, but oh how I fail at it.

Take this for what its worth, nothing much there.
But isn’t that what You do?
Isn’t that who you use?
The weakest and most foolish of us?
I have spent my life seeking Your truth and never quite finding it.

Relying on that power of knowledge.
Relying on the certainty I have managed to dredge.
Relying on me.

And yet I have come up short.
Any yet I have just made myself tired.
And yet I have just nothing.

Lord take what very little I might have and please use it before I end.
Take it and use it before it fades.
Or…let it fade and perhaps there I might be something.

I still seek to be something but refuse complete surrender.

I see the jealousy and impotence in my life and just want to scream it away.
thank You.